02/04/2015 14:54

We are now proud grandparents! Tobias was born on March 23, 2015 at 9.15AM, 4.080 kg and 52 cm tall!

Obviously we have not seen much of him yet but we have both held him while he and his mother were still in hospital and we also saw him sleeping in his little cot earlier this week. We are wishing him and his parents all the best for the future. A future which sometimes frightens me, but I suppose that is normal. When we were young, we did not think of dangers either, but I think there are so many more dangers now-a-days, especially when I think about the internet. These are dangers we did not have when we were young. But than, I suppose, this generation grows up with the internet, mobile phones, etc. 

Anyway, all this is still far away in the future and for the time being we are just going to enjoy having him.