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Judi | 29/10/2013

Your bags are awsome! I love them! I also love to make bags,it's like an obsession,I;m constantly looking for ideas.I'm also interested in making floweres,for my bags and for me to wear! I'm also reetired now,sewing is my favorite "hobby".It's good to see someone else is getting their craft out for everyone to see.Goog luck with your shop..Judi

Re: Bags

Alice | 11/11/2013

Hi Judi,
Thank you for your comment. I do not write a lot on this blog but you can find more on: Have a look there. Making handbags is a great hobby.


Anna | 28/11/2012

Wow. Love your bags. The one for Christmas is really lovely!


Ines | 23/09/2012

I saw a pendant on your photo stream on Flickr which would interest me. Are the pendants for sale?

Re: Jewellery

Alice | 23/09/2012

Yes, they are. Just send me an email which pendant you are interested in and I will let you know the price, etc.

Selling stuff?

Steve | 30/08/2012

Hi. Do you also sell some of your masterpieces?

Re: Selling stuff?

Alice | 30/08/2012

Sure. That is one of my futures projects!

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