I am originally from Holland but moved to Switzerland in 1968. I have always been interested in making things. Even when time was short there was always some project in the making.

I started beading at a very young age. A neighbour showed me how to make a brooch with small glass beads for mother's day. Later, when I lived in Amsterdam I continued this beading and my little sister used to sell the necklaces to her teachers at school.

I have always loved fabrics and I can still not walk past a fabric store without going in, seeing what is on sale and most of the time walk out with various fabrics. I made some lovely wall hangings in the sixties before moving to Switzerland. When I came to Switzerland in the late sixties, I started pottery. Later, in the nineties I started goldsmith work.  I still love making jewellery but have also reverted to my old love for fabrics. I can take most of the materials with me when we travel. In the meantime I have tried a hand at all sorts of crafts: beading, decoupage, crocheting, watercolour painting, pottery and probably some more I have forgotten about in the meantime.

Jewellery, including goldsmith work, appliqueing, quilting, beading, felting, etc.