Busy weekend

02/06/2013 15:55

We had quite a busy weekend again. We went out on Friday night for a Greek meal in Badisch Rheinfelden at restaurant Dionysos (www.hotel-saengerhalle.com/). It took me a while to find the restaurant. I looked it up on Google Maps before going and thought that it was quite straight forward to find: drive through Swiss Rheinfelden, across the bridge to Germany turn right, drive under the railway bridge and it would be  just on the left-hand side.  I did not realize that I had not been in Swiss Rheinfelden for at least 7 or 8 years and therefore, did not realize that the bridge was now only for pedestrians! We had to drive back direction  Augst and turn off to the motorway going to Germany. I had never been there before and had no idea where it would lead me to.  It is not easy  if you do not know the road and have to look at the traffic as well as at the signposts. On top of that, it had started raining on Thursday night and by Friday evening, it was still raining in a steady downpour.  When we finally found the restaurant there obviously, was no parking space available near the restaurant and I had to park some way away. We got soaked walking to the restaurant, which did not lift my mood.

The restaurant was packed full. We had been sitting at the table for at least 30 minutes and even than it was difficult to get the waiter. At least it gave us sufficient time to choose what we wanted! The food was very good and plenty which is normally  the case in Germany. However, I have seldom experienced worse service.  The waiter never even came to ask if we wanted anything else to drink. The same thing happened with the desert. Somebody had asked for the desert card but the waiter never came back to ask if anybody wanted a desert, coffee or schnapps. As it was, nobody was interested in a desert and as we all expected the coffee to be the German sort (you get very spoilt living in Switzerland!) nobody wanted any coffee either. I do not think we will be going to this restaurant again quickly.

On Sunday, we had a barbeque at the ‘Waldhütte’ above Oberlarg.

For the past few years, some people from the council have been organizing a "Mai Bummel" in Oberlarg. I think Alan has been to all of them and up to now, I have only joined them at the Waldhütte for the soup and barbeque afterwards. Alan went for the walk with Leslie and Pauline, but Jenny, Eric and I came later by car. As we have had a lot of rain lately, we hoped that the weather would be at least dry. It was dry and not cold but we were still sitting inside with the wood burner on. Of course, Jenny brought far too much food with her so that I had to take all our sausages back home again. It was good fun and we all enjoyed it.

Going back home I took Leslie and Pauline to their cars which were in the village but Alan decided to walk back home and take Aischa with him. The walk from the Waldhütte to our house should not take him more than 20 – 30 minutes. I asked him if he wanted to take the mobile with him but he said he would not be long. After his last episode when he lost Aischa, I should have known better and insisted. After I had been home for about an hour, I started wondering where he was! I went outside to see if I could see them coming but saw no sign of them. I decided to leave the gate and the front door open just in case Aischa should come home without Alan. They both came home together after more than 1.5 hours. Alan had decided to not go straight back home but go for a much longer walk! Next time I will insist that he takes the mobile with him!