Being retired

31/05/2013 16:48

Hey, I am supposed to be retired but I seem to be busier than ever before. The mornings start with taking Aischa out for a walk - however, only when it is not raining because she refuses to get out of the door when there is a chance of getting wet. When we come home, we have breakfast while we watch the news on TV. After breakfast, I open my laptop and first have a look if I received any emails. After that, I look into my shop to see how many visitors I had and if I sold anything during the night or to add any new items. This takes more time than I imagined because I decided to do the Dutch and German translations as well. When that is done I post the new shop items onto the social websites and this is where at the moment I spend a lot of time because they still confuse me. I have the hang of Facebook now and I just started on Twitter, which is still very confusing, and then of course there is Google+ but I am still leaving that on the side for the time being. This all needs a lot of reading up. I suppose that once I get the hang of it, it will become easier. At least I hope so! Of course, there are also the links to other websites you have to keep up to get the customers into your shop. However, I have realized that you have to do something every day to keep people coming or coming back. However, it is fun.

In the afternoon I start with the real work - my jewellery and bag making. That is not work though, it is fun.

Then, last but not least, there is our social life, which seems to take up a lot of time in summer. With social life I do not mean the virtual social life. No, this is going out for a meal in the evening or at lunchtime (all possible when you are retired) and of course shopping with girlfriends. And this shopping could be anything - from charity shops to IKEA to property searches. All this makes our season in France fly. The days seem to be too short as are the weeks and months. But as from September this changes again to a quieter pace when we go to Scotland and Ireland.

So, I am not complaining, just wondering how I ever found time to hold a proper job!