Summer at last

18/06/2013 16:57

I have been quite busy lately. Sold three bags to Paula, two to Tania and I am in the process of making one for Jenny. I have also been to town to see if I could find an outfit for Mark and Daniela's wedding but was not very successful. I will have to go to town again when it gets a bit cooler. Jenny and I decided that it would be Germany as soon as the weather changes.

Last Friday we attended Martin's memorial service. It is very sad to see somebody who has never smoked and always led a sportive life die of lung cancer. Later that evening we went for our yearly asparagus meal in Grenzach. This time, of course, it was without Harold. Last year he announced that he would have his 100th birthday in that restaurant!

Today we had lunch with Tania, Jenny, and Eric. It was nice to see Tania again. She has her head screwed on right. She seems to know what she wants and how to get it.

Here   some pictures of what I am doing now: