26/09/2013 15:49

I know, I have not been writing much on this website and seem to be doing more on my blog: I have not even had much time to read all my emails except for the very personal ones. I have been using my time on trying to find out the best way to promote and market my bags. It is very interesting to find out how all these social media work.

In the week before leaving for Scotland I did not have much time to do any advertising on my Facebook page or on Pinterest and looking at the Facebook page graph the drop in visitors was quite dramatic. Also, if I do not put a lot of pictures of bags or jewellery on Pinterest, I can see an immediate drop in visitors to my ETSY shop!

This means, of course, that I have to spend more time on social media. But, on the other hand I need my time in making bags and jewellery. I wonder how other people go about that. In fact, I should have somebody to do all the advertising etc. so that I can concentrate on creating the products I want to sell. Talking about needing somebody - I would also need somebody to do the cleaning, escpecially after finishing a projet.

Of course, there is also the photographing. I want to spend more time on doing that and really getting the hang of a camera, which is still trial and error for me. I am even now thinking of going to a photography course. Migros, in Basel should have something! And of course writing. I should be able to write better descriptions for the products I am selling!

Anyway, at the moment I am concentrating on the Presents Galore show in Kelso, in the Scottish borders on October 7 and 8 (see my blog, and after that I will concentrate on the rest.