My soon to be opened shop on Etsy.

17/03/2013 16:40

I know, I have not been very active lately on this blog but many things have been happening since we are in Scotland. We were hardly here when I had to go to Holland. My mother passed away while I was there and I was very pleased that with nearly 95, she did not have to suffer for too long and in the end she died peacefully.

However, in the few weeks I have spent in Scotland I have been busy sewing bags and setting up my shop at Etsy under the name Page Hirst. I have now a stock of eight bags. Shop opening will be as soon as we are back in France. I am still finishing off the last bag and then I will pack up all my bags, fabrics and other utensils so that I can continue sewing in France.

I have also started a blog specifically for my shop: and as soon as the shop is up and running I will look into setting up a page on Facebook. To see all the bags, please have a look at my blog.