Leaving Scotland

24/03/2013 11:44

All my fabrics are packed, I have washed all the dirty laundry and all there I have left to do is packing out suitcases and cleaning the flat. At least as far as my jobs are concerned. Alan is in charge of packing the car. I just have to place everything we want to take with us outside the front door. However, I cannot start packing the suitcases or cleaning the flat until tomorrow and my hands are itching to start with my latest idea for a bag and the earliest I can do that is after Easter as we are leaving for Holland on Tuesday and will stay there until Easter Sunday. On the way down to France, we will spend the night in Metz and arrive back in Oberlarg on Easter Monday. Then of course, there will be the unpacking of the car, putting everything where it belongs and of course picking up my car from Zunzgen. Therefore, it will take until the end of that week before I can start doing anything!!!!!