First beautiful day of the year!

14/04/2013 15:33

As the weather is so nice today I will just write what I have written on my other blog:

Even though I caught this terrible cold while in Holland, am still suffering from it, and while one of the dogs caught diarrhoea in Holland and has to be washed every time he has been out and done his business, I managed to get two bags finished.

Jenny said she wanted to see the pale blue one 'in person' so for the time being I have only put the striped one in my Etsy shop.

Today is the first nice day we have had in months so I do not think I will be doing a lot of sewing today, the third bag is in its final stages and I will put into the shop as soon as I have it finished.

I am surprised that I have sold four bags already and the little black one I could have sold three times. However, I will not be making the same bag twice and since this is just a hobby, it has to be fun and not hard work. I have left all that behind me a few years ago.

Hope though, that the people will like my bags in future as well. I love making them and up to now, all reactions have been great.