Changing rooms

21/04/2013 11:43

I used the room, which is between the kitchen and the living room as a sewing room, but it made the whole place look messy and I was not very happy with it. Suddenly it struck me, we have another room which we only use in winter to store the plants which have to be kept out of the cold - not as sunny as the room I was using but then, in summer, it will not be hot and I can have the French windows open. Of course, it will also have to double up as a dining room but four or six people will easily fit around the table in the kitchen. We will not use my sewing room as an official dining room very often and if we get a good summer, we will not have to use it at all. Therefore, I changed everything around and I am much happier with the result.

This was my sewing room before the change.

This is my present sewing room.

And this is my former sewing room which now can be used as a sun room!