2013 in review

31/12/2013 14:56

Casting my mind back to what all happened in 2013 I must admit that there were some very sad moments. First of all my mother died in February. Not unexpectedly, she was nearly 95, but it still comes as a shock. However, I was happy that I managed to be there with her. 

Than, in April, Krümmel, one of our Yorkshire terriers, died. Also, not unexpectantly as he was nearly 16 years old. Still, he had been a part of our family for a long time and is still missed. This also brings home the fact that Aischa will be 15 at the end of January. I hope we will still have her for a few years but I also realize that it could be next year.

On the positive side - I started my bag making business and have been quite successful. Not that I could make a living out of it, which I do not need anyway, but all in all I have sold about 30 bags since I started end March 2013, and I enjoy what I am doing.

And than of course, to crown it all, Mark, my youngest son, got married end of August and they had a fantastic wedding party. Two of his nephews came from Holland with their partners and of course David, my eldest, came from Australia and stayed with us for a week.

So, I think I can say that all in all, the positive and the negative kept in balance.