15/09/2012 15:40

We have settled down in Scotland now, at least for the time being. We arrived here about 10 days ago but it seems already much longer. In the meantime we found some beautiful curtains in an antique shop and these will now be used as draught curtains for the back door.  This means that Alan will have to hang the curtain rails up before we are leaving again so that the flat will be nice and cosy when we come back from Ireland and that no more draughts come in through the back door! However, this also means that the curtains I was making will become obsolete but I’m sure I will find another purpose for the quilt!

Packing up

31/08/2012 18:41

We (meaning Alan) have nearly finished packing the car so that we can leave tomorrow by lunchtime.  I’m looking forward to a cool wet Scotland!

Jewellery carrier

23/08/2012 12:56

Finished a little bag today with lots of small pockets for my pendants and brooches. Enough pockets left over for some more pendants or brooches, easy to take with me and it can be hung up for easy access.


21/08/2012 21:32

Had a fantastic weekend in Zermatt( No, the Matterhorn is not smoking).

Everything was perfect including the weather. We were invited by Pauline Imboden, owner of Zermatt Holidays ( and stayed at the luxury apartment Shalimar ( The apartment is something you have to see to believe! The inside is done up in Swiss stone pine which smells incredibly good and the view of the Matterhorn could not be better. The bedrooms are all large with state of the art en-suite bathrooms. There is a swimming pool, massage room, sauna, you name it, it was there. Even the ski lockers (which we obviously did not use) were luxurious. The living room/dining room is very large and there is a separate TV room. Obviously there is free wifi and all the latest gadgets.The kitchen has more electric appliances than I have at home!

On Sunday we went up by cablecar to Schwarzsee, later down to Furi (some walked and some took the cablecar back) where we had a barbeque.

We had two great evenings with lots of food, the odd glass of prosecco, more glasses of red wine, heated discussions and lots of laughter. It was really lovely to have been part of such a good group of friends.

On Monday we went home again to a very hot house!

Sewing bag

13/08/2012 11:07

Finished a bag today to store all my (or at least a large part) of the sewing materials I need when we leave again for the winter. I think I'll have to stop sewing now for a while and do some cleaning but sewing is quite addictive and I still have so many ideas for future projects!

Krümmel and Aischa

07/08/2012 17:31

It's not easy to photograph them. They don't want to stay still for long but don't they look cute in their smart new harnesses?

Bag number 3

03/08/2012 12:40

I have added another bag which will be used for storing all my chargers, so that I know where they are and don't have to search all over the house for them!

And another bag

02/08/2012 11:39

After a great first of August (Swiss national holiday) celebration in Switzerland yesterday, I finished my second bag this morning!

Some bags

30/07/2012 11:21

I have not written much in this blog lately but I have been busy. Have a look at the gallery - I have been making a laundry bag and a bag to transport all the dogs untensils when travelling, i.e. water bowl, leads, harnesses, water bottle, damp paper, etc.

I have also just about finished the draught curtain I'm making for our back door in Scotland. The finishing touches will be done once we're there, so that I can be sure it fits perfectly.

First blog

23/06/2012 12:04

My new blog has been launched today. This is all very new to me but stay focused on it and I will try to keep you informed about the projects I am working on. Obviously, at the moment my priority is to get this website going. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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